Thank you to all of our speakers & ArtISTS WHO JOINED US THIS YEAR!


Amidst so much heaviness consuming events of today’s world, Rend Collective is sharing good news as a response to that brokenness. The Ireland-hailing Rend Collective harkens back to their roots-y, unique sound—originally birthed out of Bangor, Ireland—for their sixth studio album, Good News.

With Good News, Rend Collective has chosen not to shy away from the brokenness and suffering, but rather through music and lyrics that continues to push boundaries in the band’s own unique way, brings light to the darkness. This album is an invitation to all of us – to lament, to remember, and to share the good news that belongs to all of us.


Hollyn’s soulful, pop-inspired anthems cross musical borders. After debuting with the dynamic and fiery full-length album One-Way Conversations, Hollyn has had incredible momentum. 

Hollyn’s most recent project, “bye, sad girl.” is a deep part of her story. This project is told over the course of six songs, woven together, to portray the emotions of what it looks like to have a broken heart. As the story unfolds, it doesn’t end with grief, but shows the beginning of joy.

Off stage, Hollyn is a travel junkie, water sports fanatic and emerging fashion icon. Dream days include spending time with her husband, her people, flying to new places, boating with family, cooking with friends and thrifting trends.


Due to an exciting new addition to the family, our annual speaker Nick Hall will be spending more time with his family this Christmas season. So instead, Nick called up his friend Ebony and asked her to share on The Reason.

Ebony Small comes to us from the bustling metropolis of New York City. She works with Nick as the Vice President of Multiplication at PULSE. In addition, Ebony is a speaker, author, and pastor at her local church. Ebony has a passion and commitment to see young people thrive in the church across the nation, and she now gives strategic oversight to many of PULSE’s multiplication efforts. Her upcoming book with InterVarsity Press is called, “Moving Up: An Emerging Leader’s Path to Leadership in the Church and the Marketplace.” We love Ebony, and we know you will, too!

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