Artists and Speaker

We’ve been joined by many amazing artists over the years. Here’s an example of our lineup from our last events!

Jeremy Camp calls himself a “minister who happens to play music.” Jeremy is the songwriter and recording artist of 8 studio albums, author of I Still Believe, and founder of Speaking Louder Ministries. Having performed in 32 countries, he continues to live a lifestyle of daily giving his heart to Jesus and knowing, “It’s not me… it’s all Him.” Jeremy’s latest album “The Answer” exudes energy and strength rooted in the wholehearted call to live confidently in God each day.

Micah’s musical career began small with a desire to be faithful to his family even while on the road. Living continually surrendered to God, Micah wants to “live the music” he writes. He released his debut EP “Different” in 2016, and received 65 million cumulative views for YouTube and Facebook videos. His lead song “Never Been a Moment” was one of the biggest 2016 radio hit singles and doubled as an autobiography. It’s a story of taking faithful steps, as Micah says, “to embrace music fulltime… and the identity that God has called and created me to be.”

Nick Hall is the Founder and Chief Communicator for PULSE as well as author of the Reset and visionary behind Together 2016. In July 2017, Nick was also named the President and CEO of the Mission America Coalition, one of the nation’s most significant conveners of Christian leaders and organizations focused upon evangelism and discipleship. Nick’s passion is to “awaken culture to the reality of Jesus.” Since 2006 Nick has shared the Gospel with more than three million students at PULSE and partnership events around the world. Nick is married to his best friend, Tiffany; they live in Minneapolis, MN. They are proud parents of Truett and Ruby.


Dave Lubben is a Christian singer/song-writer and producer from Portland, OR. In addition, for the past two decades, he has lead worship and shared the Gospel all over the world with a variety of high impact ministries including PULSE, the Luis Palau Association, Promise Keepers, and Integrity Music. He currently leads worship at Colossae Church in Portland, OR where he lives with his wife of 20 years and four children.

(Fun fact: Dave was Nick Hall’s Youth Pastor in Fargo, ND)