For Churches

We believe in outreach done through, with, and for the local church.

The Reason is designed to be more than event. Here’s how we go deeper and create lasting impact:

  • Starting with a Pastors Gathering in each city, we partner with local pastors to cast vision for reaching their communities with the Gospel.
  • Inherent in this vision is equipping the church for the work of evangelism. That’s why, this year, we’re going to offer a free evangelism training for all ages in the months leading up to the event.
  • On the big day, we handle all the production—all you have to do is encourage your congregation to invite friends and family who need Jesus to join them for the annual family Christmas experience!
  • We are committed to follow up and prayer. In each city, we strive to build a local follow-up and prayer team who will follow up with those who respond to the Gospel and make sure they’re connected to a church.

Thank you for working with us to point people to Jesus!