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You’re invited to join us for The Reason Pastors Summits.

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The Reason is like a big family reunion for us. For years, we’ve sought to bless communities in the northern Midwest through a high-quality outreach with excellent production and a clear Gospel presentation.

But The Reason is about more than that. We want to make sure that our outreaches happen with and for the local church. That’s why we make a Pastors Summit an integral part of our process, and it’s why we’re committed to follow-up done through and for the local church.

This year, we’ll be at four cities in Minnesota and North Dakota. We would love for you to join us this fall for a free meal to hear more about The Reason, our partnership with churches over the years, and what we’re excited for this year.

View the dates and times for these summits below. On the form, please indicate which summit you’ll be attending and how many are coming to the Summit.

Let’s make this Christmas all about Jesus.

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GracePoint Church
Wednesday, Sept. 11

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Alexandria Covenant Church
Wednesday, Sept. 18

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Salem Evangelical Free Church – Moorhead Campus
Thursday, Sept. 19

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Pizza Ranch
Thursday, Sept. 26

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INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, & COMMUNITY! [icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ size=”tiny” image=”icon-arrow-down”]

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